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It’s 90s Movie Trivia Time!

The 90s produced some of the best summer movies ever with films about friendship, first love and family adventures. And thanks to a boom in teen horror films there was even a summer slasher movie that had everyone talking. If you are feeling nostalgic for the 90s this summer you might want to revisit some of these classic movies but before you do, test your trivia skills with these questions provided by History of the 90s.

1. In the 1997 movie I Know What You Did Last Summer, what event sets off the chain of terrifying events that the main characters have to face?

A. A graduation party

B. A car accident

C. A Halloween prank

D. A haunted house visit

2. In the 1993 movie The Sandlot, what valuable item does Scotty Smalls accidentally lose to the Beast?

A. A signed Babe Ruth baseball

B. A rare trading card

C. A golden glove

D. A team jersey

3. In the 1993 movie Dazed and Confused, what is the traditional event that incoming high school freshmen are subjected to by the seniors on the last day of school?

A. A scavenger hunt

B. A talent show

C. A hazing ritual

D. A dance-off

4. In the 1998 movie The Parent Trap, where do the twin sisters Hallie and Annie first meet and realize they are identical twins?

A. At a family reunion

B. At a summer camp

C. At their parents’ wedding

D. At a boarding school

5.  In the 1991 movie My Girl, what is the profession of Vada’s father, Harry Sultenfuss?

A. Teacher

B. Doctor

C. Funeral Director

D. Lawyer


  1. B. A car accident
  2. A. A signed Babe Ruth baseball
  3. C. A hazing ritual
  4. B. At a summer camp
  5. C. Funeral Director