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How do we know The 90s Cruise is The Freshest 90s Party? It takes a killer lineup of iconic 90s bands, events and activities, but our rock star guests take the party to the next level at the Throwback Theme Nights. With each night’s unique theme serving as the backdrop, our guests go above and beyond, adorning themselves in jaw-dropping costumes and attire that’ll turn heads and turn back time. It may take you some time to plan, but memories of these Theme Night parties will live on forever!

All That 90s Party

Come aboard The 90s Cruise for our inaugural theme night: “All That” 90s Party. Immerse yourself in the decade that gave us grunge, boy bands, bright colors, and butterfly clips. Put on those slip dresses, denim overalls, crop tops, groovy swirl patterns, and cheetah prints, or just kick your favorite 90s tee and bring back the influential fashion that defined the 90s with a party that’s “all that” and a bag of chips.