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New Year’s Resolutions – 90s Style

As we step into the New Year, let’s take a trip down memory lane to the 1990s, a decade characterized by its distinctive charm. The nostalgic hum of dial-up internet, binge-worthy sitcoms like “Friends” and “Seinfeld,” and the reign of iconic grunge bands. It’s a moment to reflect on the era of cassette tapes and Tamagotchis and outline our aspirations for the upcoming year. Join us on this journey of 90s-inspired self-improvement, and time when baggy jeans, butterfly clips, and pogs ruled us all!

Fashion Reward

Fashion Rewind: Give your wardrobe a ’90s makeover – embrace the grunge with staples like oversized flannel shirts and Doc Martens. Stock up on butterfly clips, scrunchies, and tattoo chokers. Break out the bucket hats, overalls, and Starter jackets. Infuse your style with the rebellious spirit of the decade.

Revisit Classic 90s TV Shows

Revisit Classic 90s TV Shows: Since it’s 2024, we can binge the shows from the 90s that we know and love. The many dramas, sitcoms, and sketch comedies will drive your nostalgia wild!

Make a Mixtape: Channel your inner DJ and curate a mixtape/CD with tunes from the 90s! Then close your eyes and envision the windows down on a hot night, driving by your best friends’ houses to find the party. And don’t forget to show your kids that 90s hip hop and angsty grunge reign supreme!


Unplug: After all that jumpin’ around from the mixtape you made, unplug and enjoy some dial-up moments. Take a break from the constant connectivity of the modern era and spend some time deliberately slowing down.

Write a Letter

Write a Letter: What better way to unplug than to write a hand-written letter! In the spirit of a pre-email era, resolve to send handwritten letters or notes to friends and family. Decorate your stationery with Lisa Frank stickers for an extra touch of 90s nostalgia.

Dust off the 90s Memorabilia

Dust off the 90s Memorabilia: When’s the last time you fed your Tamagotchi or opened that box of Beanie Babies that are now worth millions? Perhaps it’s time to break the rules a bit, and unload the super soaker on your kids in the kitchen?

VHS Movie Blast

VHS Movie Blast: Host a movie marathon of classic ’90s movies on VHS. Feel the nostalgia of VHS rewind sounds and enjoy films from an unforgettable decade. But if you can’t find your VCR, there’s a slew of 90s classics streaming these days including Clueless, Romey and Michele’s High School Reunion, Jurassic Park, Pretty Woman, Selena, Fight Club, The Birdcage, While You Were Sleeping, Aladdin, Jerry Maguire, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Mission: Impossible, and so many more. The possibilities are endless…don’t forget to rewind.

Cut. It. Out.

Cut. It. Out: Uh, as if! It’s time to bring back some of the great slang from 90s pop culture! Ask yourself “did I do that?” when suddenly, those around you are telling you to “hold on to your butts.” This year there is no reason to “have mercy” on your friends and family by retiring these catchphrases. Even though they might tell you “You’re killing me, Smalls!” just snap back with, “No Soup for You!” Never give up, never surrender!

The 90s Cruise

Join The 90s Cruise: There’s only one way to bring all these 90s New Year’s resolutions together and that’s by joining us for The Freshest 90s Party! Nowhere else on the planet delivers the 90s dopeness and unforgettable moments that you will experience on The 90s Cruise! If you think otherwise, you can talk to the hand! Get the 411 on all things The 90s Cruise and see what cabins remain.